Where to get an oil change

With so many options as to where to get an oil change, you might need a little help sorting through the mess.  You have nationwide companies that specialize in quick oil changes, local mechanics that do cheap oil changes, and large format stores that do car maintenance work as a side operation.

Local Mechanic Oil Changes

You can usually go into a garage in your neighborhood to drop off your car for an oil change.  These are often a little more expensive, but you can usually find a deal for a cheap oil change coupon or in a sale.  These mechanics are usually backed up with a lot of serious work, so you might have to leave your car there for a few hours.  The biggest benefit to using a local mechanic for your oil change is that you can build a relationship with him/her.  This is good when you run into bigger problems with your car and you might need somebody to do work on it that you don’t want taking advantage of you or your wallet.

Quick Lube Stations

There are so many national oil change companies that specialize in this service.  Two prominent companies are Jiffy Lube and EZ Lube.  You can see that having “lube” in the title advertises their core service is oil changes.  These companies are usually the fastest and offer the best deals.  They will however always try to upsell you on more costly services when you show up.  This is how they make their money on all of the cheap oil changes.  You do have the opportunity to say no and just get your oil change.  It usually takes about 20-30 minutes at these places.

National Car Parts Companies

These are places that you go to get tires, brakes, muffler, or auto parts in general.  The following companies have their core focuses, but also offer oil changes.

  • Meineke – Mufflers
  • Midas – Brakes
  • Firestone – Tires
  • Sears Auto – Tires
  • Goodyear – Tires
  • Pep Boys – Auto Parts

Large Retailers

You may have a Walmart or a Costco in your town that does oil changes.  These are usually priced fairly well.  One major benefit that people seem to like is the convenience with using these stores for their oil change.  You can drop off your car and have it services while you walk around and do your grocery shopping.