Walmart Tire Coupons

Walmart does not advertise coupons for tires.  You can however find some great deals on tires when you shop at there.

“Price rollbacks” come fairly often for tires, especially during certain seasons.  Summertime they offer a lot of tire discounts because people plan on driving a lot more and pay attention to their car health.  This includes checking the tread on their tires and seeking out some new cheap tires.

Walmart also advertises snow tires a lot when it gets closer to winter time.  Snow tires can get expensive, but you can look around the official website to see if they have any current promotions on any different snow tire brands.

Another place to find some other advertised tire discounts it to check your local Walmart ad/circular.  This will either come to you in a local newspaper or you can go to and look up the local ad by your zip code.  You’ll see the tire discount in the automotive section of the circular.

They carry several different brand of tires.  Like most products at Walmart, you will find a variety of options, but you most likely won’t find any premium options.  The selection is usually among some of the cheapest tires available from major manufacturers.  If you are looking for premium sports tires or something like that, you might want to go to a dealer that sells tires like Pirelli, or try going to a Goodyear or a Firestone Complete Auto Care center.

A perk of getting tires at Walmart is there are a lot of locations with service stations attached.  You can select your tires and then go shopping for other groceries or wander around the store while the location’s mechanics install your new tires.

If you want to comparison shop for tires, you can do so on the company’s website.  You will see all of the different tires that they carry, and if you find something that you want you can order it on the website.  At the time of this writing, they offer free shipping to your local store if you purchase tires from their website.

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