Walmart Tire and Lube Express Discount – 2019

We sometimes don’t remember to update some pages.  If you landed here in error looking for more Walmart coupons or if this coupon is out of date, please CLICK HERE to find some more coupons for Walmart oil changes or more up to date discounts.

Walmart once again is holding back on the coupons, but there are a few deals to share and a couple of ways to get a cheap oil change at Walmart.

Cheapest Walmart Oil Change

This is a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) type deal as there are no current discounts being advertised for a full service oil change.

The cheapest motor oil available nationally at Walmart is SuperTech 10W30 Conventional Motor oil.

Walmart sells these in 5 quart containers pretty cheap.  The price of this motor oil online is currently $10.00.  You can have it shipped to the store so you can pay that price online.

Those looking for a Valvoline NextGen oil change can get a 5 quart container of that oil for just $17.67.  This oil change at a full service location can run up over $30 easily.

Walmart Tire Discounts

Again, there are no coupons available from Walmart this August for anything in the Walmart Tire and Lube Express.  However, Walmart has dropped the prices on some tires.

For “Summer Tire Savings”, Walmart has “rolled back” the price of several models of Goodyear Tires.  You can get a discount on Authority Fuel Max, Eagle Authority, and Wrangler Authority tires at Walmart this summer.

Rebates are also available for the following tire brands:

  • General Tires – $50 Prepaid Visa Card with purchase of 4 General Tires
  • Goodyear and Dunlop Tires – Get up to an $80 mail in rebate

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