Walmart Oil Change Price

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Walmart doesn’t advertise their oil change prices on their websites.  Come to think of it, they don’t advertise any prices for any of their auto services at their Auto Care Centers.

After a little detective work, I called a few different Walmart locations to find out how much an oil change at Walmart costs.

I called the locations in Torrance, California as well as Centereach, New York.

Both gave me the same Walmart oil change prices:

Conventional oil change – $31.88

High Mileage Oil Change – $39.88

Synthetic Oil Change – $49.88

Now the question is, is an oil change at Walmart worth it?

For convenience’s sake, sure why not.  If you are going to do your shopping at Walmart one day this week, why not leave your car with the Walmart Express Lube Service and have your car ready by the time you get all of your shopping done.

The price is a little higher than most place.  Top that with the fact that there are rarely any Walmart oil change coupons floating around, and it is easy to see that you can get a cheaper oil change elsewhere.

A lot of people also complain about the service that Walmart provides on their cars.  There are nightmare stories about the oil tank being left empty because of negligence or the Walmart employee not putting the drain plug back in.  There are actually some websites dedicated to the bad service that Walmart Auto Service Centers provide for people.

My advice if you decide you think you want a Walmart oil change, get a review.  The service at a location in Los Angeles isn’t going to be the same as the service quality at one in Chicago.  You won’t even get the same quality of service with two different locations in Los Angeles.  Yelp is your friend here.  You can get a Walmart oil change review from recent shoppers at the location that you are looking to use.  Maybe your Walmart is known for its top notch quality.

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