Walmart Oil Change Discounts – July 2012

More Walmart oil change coupons here.

Well I can’t say I’m surprised here.  Once again there isn’t an oil change coupon for Walmart locations.  They also are not running any specials on discounted oil changes performed at Walmart.

However, if you know how to do your own oil change, there are some discount prices on motor oil and oil filter combos that you can use to do an oil change on your own.

Summer is the best time to do your own oil change.  A lot of people find it therapeutic to get out there and work on their cars, so this might actually give some of you motivation to get under your car’s hood and give it an oil change.

Click here to find out about Walmart oil change prices.

The following deals are valid July 1-July 7

Pennzoil and Fram Discount

This is a discount for Pennzoil Platinum Low 10W30 fully synthetic motor oil.  The synthetic motor oil can last a lot longer than conventional oil and works better under severe temperatures.  Along with the motor oil discount, you can also get a Fram Tough Guard oil filter.

This discounted package comes out to just $30.91 before taxes.

Walmart Pennzoil and Purolator oil change discount - July 2012Pennzoil and Purolator Discount

This is a little less expensive because you won’t be getting the higher quality synthetic motor oil that is available with the Pennzoil Platinum oil.  This is the Pennzoil conventional motor oil.  It is for a 5 quart container of the Pennzoil motor oil.

This combo discount also comes with the Purolator Classic oil filter.

This combo discount comes out to $18.74.

Cheap Oil Change – Generics at Walmart

If you want nothing more than a cheap oil change, this is a very good deal for you.  For just $15.80 you can get 5 quarts of Super Tech™ Conventional Oil and a Purolator® Classic Oil Filter.


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