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Walmart Express Oil Changes

Walmart is the world’s largest retailer.  It only makes sense that they provide other services like photo development, eye exams, and cheap car services! The home of the rolling back prices also offers other ways to save you money on everyday goods.  You can sometimes find some really good coupons to help your budget.

Usually there are not a lot of printable coupons that can be found.  Walmart will usually post some kind of specials regarding do-it-yourself deal in their regular circulars. You can buy different motor oils and filters for discounted prices so you can do the work yourself at home.

Usually the lower price for these makes all the difference.  You can get a deal to make it come out to about $14 for the oil and filter.  You will however not get premium motor oil for these prices.  They will usually be generic brands, so we wouldn’t recommend using those on older cars or vehicles driven under extreme conditions (stop and go traffic, high heat or canyon driving).

A Walmart Express Lube coupon is a great resource that you can find online or off.  Their car service discounts are occasionally found in weekly circulars, daily newspapers, mailers, and in the store.  The best way to find a good deal would probably be to print it online and use it that day.

Online coupons for Walmart can be printed and used the very same day.  They offer a great discount for you with some added benefits.

WalmartYou can drive into a Walmart Express Lube station, hand them your keys, your coupon, then continue to do your normal shopping in the store while your oil gets changed.

At Walmart, you don’t have to wait impatiently for your car to be serviced.  Go play in the toy aisle, check out some sporting goods, or try on a few articles of clothing to pass the time.  Your weekly grocery list can be knocked out while the expert mechanics change your oil.

When you are done shopping, simply bring all of your goods to the Walmart Express Lube counter and check out.  Don’t forget to use your discount to save off of your already discounted prices.

During your oil change, your technician will not only refresh your oil, but they will check the rest of your car for issues that often go unnoticed.  The oil will be changed, adding up to 5 quarts of brand new oil.  They also replace your old oil filter, lubricate your chassis, vacuum your interior, wash your windshield, and inflate your tires to the proper pressure.


The price of an oil change at Walmart stores will vary from location to location.  Different stores will charge you a different fee based on the norms of that area.  This is why the prices are not listed on the website for these different services.  You may find that the price might be a little more expensive than it would be at a location that specializes in just performing car maintenance and repairs like a Sears Car Care Center or a Firestone location.