Walmart Oil Change Coupons 2012

You can find more Walmart oil change coupons and discounts by visiting the Walmart section of the website.  You can find that section of our site by clicking here.

Again, we couldn’t find any discounts for oil changes performed by Walmart professionals, but we got some great deals this month for discounts on Walmart DIY oil changes.  This means that we have coupons for motor oil so you can do it yourself and save money, without having to leave your car with the Walmart employees.

All of these discounts are for Valvoline motor oil coupons:

Save $6 on Any Valvoline Motor Oil

$6.00 off five quarts of ANY Valvoline motor oilSave on one 5 quart jug OR five individual quarts of ANY Valvoline motor oil at any Walmart using the coupon link below

$6.00 off five quarts of ANY Valvoline motor oil

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