Walmart Oil Change Coupon – 2012, May

Walmart prides themselves on “rolling back prices” and having the lowest prices with pretty much ANYTHING.  Why is it then, that the Walmart oil change price starts at $30?  Yes, a Walmart oil change gets you 5 quarts of oil, an oil filter, fluid and differential check, battery test, interior vacuuming, windshield exterior wash, and tire inflation.  But, so does pretty much everyone else.  Goodyear even throws in a tire rotation for this price often.

This is why you should be looking for the Walmart oil change coupon in your area.  This month there are a few national deals that can get the price under that $30 mark and back down to about $20 like most oil change companies use.

Walmart oil change coupons – May 2012

$18.74 – Pennzoil® Conventional Oil and Purolator® Classic Oil Filter

Pennzoil Walmart oil change









$19.24 – Valvoline® or Castrol® Conventional Oil and Purolator® Classic Oil Filter

Valvoline Walmart Oil Change









$23.61 – Castrol® High Mileage Oil & Fram® Tough Guard® Oil Filter

Castrol GTX high mileage Walmart oil change









$32.42 – Mobil 1® Synthetic Oil & Fram® Tough Guard® Oil Filter

Mobil 1 - Synthetic oil change Walmart









All of these Walmart oil change discounts are valid during the entire month of May.  Specials and discounts end on May 31.

If you would like to do the oil change yourself, there is also a special discount price for 15 quart oil drain pans.  The price in store and online is $7.92.

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