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Trying to find a deal for Walmart in November is near impossible if you try looking at their circular.  This thing is 48 pages of kids toys front and back.  Apparntly Furby still exists and Wreckit Ralph toys are already popular despite the movie not even coming out yet.

I had to do a little more searching to find anymore discounts this month, but the only ones that I could come up with were some do-it-yourself (DIY) specials for those of you that are good with some tools.

With winter coming up really soon, you should definitely look into getting some services taken care of on your car, more than just the oil change.  As roads start to get slick from rain, ice, snow, etc. you will need to get some good tires with a lot of tread so that your car can actually stay on the road.  One of the most dangerous things you can do with your car is have tires that are ill equipped for the winter season.  There are plenty of tire discounts around their site that you can find here.

As for oil changes, the deals for this month can be found in a special insert for the Auto Center alone.  Again, these are all do it yourself and not services done at your Walmart.

Walmart oil circular November 2012

The deals below all expire on October 31, 2012.  The following prices are from the most recent sales pages.


Valvoline® or Castrol® GTX Conventional Motor Oil, 5 qt – $15.97
Purolator® Classic Oil Filter – $3.27
TOTAL – $19.24 for both
Pennzoil® Conventional Motor Oil, 5 qt. – $15.47 each
Purolator® Classic Oil Filter – $3.27
TOTAL – $18.74


Castrol® GTX High Mileage Motor Oil, 5 qt – $17.27
Fram® Tough Guard® Oil Filter – Starting at $5.94 each
TOTAL – $23.21


1 GALLON Rotella® Synthetic Blend Oil – $12.97


Mobil 1® Synthetic Motor Oil, 5 qt – $24.97 each
Fram® Tough Guard® Oil Filter – Starting at $5.94
TOTAL – $30.91


GumOut® 2X Concentrated Fuel Injector Cleaner – $2.98
Dura Lube® Severe Fuel System Cleaner – $10.97
Dura Lube® Engine Treatment – $14.54


Autolite® Copper Spark Plugs – $2.97 each
Bosch® Platinum +2 Spark Plugs – $8.97 each
Bosch® Fusion Spark Plugs – $10.88 each

Prestone Antifreeze/Coolant at WalmartCOOLANT/ANTI-FREEZE

Super Tech™ 50/50 Antifreeze/Coolant – $7.97
Prestone® 50/50 Prediluted Antifreeze/Coolant – $10.24
Prestone Antifreeze/Coolant Concentrate – $12.24
Prestone® RV Antifreeze
Super Tech™ RV & Marine Antifreeze – $2.97


EverStart® 6-Gauge Booster Cables – $28.88 each pair
Schumacher® 1.5-Amp Battery Maintainer – $19.97
Schumacher® 500-Amp Jump Starter – $48.88
Schumacher® 30-Amp Charger – $79.97

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