Walmart DIY Oil Change Discount – 2012, April

Once again, Walmart is being stingy with giving out oil change coupons.  As one of my visitors pointed out, the Walmart oil change price is about $30 without any kind of discount.  You are paying for the convenience of leaving your car with an oil technician while you have a chance to run around Walmart for your regular shopping.

However, Walmart is still the king of low prices for products.

If you are in the market to do your own oil change, you can save some cash by shopping for motor oil and other oil change necessities at Walmart, particularly this week.

Walmart is having a sale on 5 quart containers of Pennzoil oil until April 8th.  $15.47 gets you 5 quarts of Pennzoil Conventional Oil while $24.97 will get you Pennzoil® 5-Quart Platinum Synthetic Oil.

If you want to get a combination of oil and an oil filter you can get the following Walmart oil change discounts:

  • Pennzoil® 5-Quart Conventional Oil AND Purolator® Classic Oil Filter – $18.74
  • Pennzoil® 5-Quart Platinum Synthetic Oil AND Fram® Tough Guard® Oil Filter – $30.91

Also advertised are:

  • Quaker State® High Mileage Motor Oil – $14.48
  • Shell Rotella® T Triple Protection Motor Oil – $12.97
  • Fram® Extra Guard® Air Filter – $4.97
  • Autolite® Spark Plugs 2-Pack – $4.97

So if you don’t feel like having somebody else perform your oil change and are more interested in an DIY oil change, you could save some money this month by shopping at Walmart.

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