Valvoline Oil Change Rebate – NextGen Oil Coupon

Valvoline NextGen  motor oil is specifically formulated to be better for the environment.  We have several retailers that are working together to help increase the use of this oil in future oil changes.

NexGen is made up of 50% recycled motor oil.  This helps everyone using it cut down on their carbon footprint.

Individuals looking to help the environment, and also the oil economy, turn to Valvoline NextGen to do their part.

Massive amounts of energy go into drilling, transporting, and refining crude oil.  NexGen recycles used oil to significantly cut down on the amount of drilling has to be done and cuts fossil fuel use to reduce the carbon footprint.

We found 2 options for you to save money on NextGen oil.

DIY Oil Change Rebate

You can get a $20 store gift card at either Pep Boys, O’Reilly Auto Parts, or Advance Auto Parts stores if you choose to use Valvoline NextGen oil.  Simply return your used oil, buy 5 quarts of NexGen oil, and you will get a $20 gift card with a mail-in-offer.

Valvoline Instant Oil Change Coupon

As I mentioned earlier this week, you can go to the Valvoline Instant Oil Change website to get a coupon for $7 off of any oil change at Valvoline Instant Oil Change locations, including NextGen.  There is a location on the home page where you input your phone number and they will text you the coupon.

With oil prices rising, and the environment falling apart, we should all look to do whatever we can to help.  If we cannot give up our cars, let’s at least get as eco-friendly as possible.

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