Tires Plus Oil Change Coupons – May 2012

Tires Plus is a great place to go and buy cheap tires, yes.  But, they are also highly skilled at providing their customers with top quality preventative car maintenance packages.

I found you a single Tires Plus oil change coupon for May that will get you great deals on 3 different grades of oil.

All oil changes with this coupon come with up to 5 quarts of motor oil, an oil filter, and lubrication of the car’s chassis.  This coupon expires on May 31st.

Synthetic blend oil change coupon – $22.98

$22.98 will get you what Tires Plus considers their “standard oil change”.  The standard oil change comes with Kendall synthetic blend motor oil with Liquid Titanium.

High Mileage oil change coupon – $35.99

Cars with over 75,000 should receive different maintenance than younger cars.  The oil used is a bit more expensive, but will keep you car running for much longer.

Full Synthetic oil change coupon – $49.99

I have mentioned the benefits of a synthetic oil change before.  $49.99 at Tires Plus will get you a full oil change using Kendall full synthetic motor oil with Liquid Titanium.

Tires Plus oil change coupon - May 2012Both the high mileage and full synthetic oil changes come with a free tire rotation.

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