Tires Plus Oil Change Coupon – Exp Feb 28

There are so many tire coupons and rebates this month as well as most other months over at Tires Plus.  But, we don’t cover tire coupons here!  We bring you cheap oil change coupons!

If you are looking for tire coupons from Tires Plus, check this site out. That is a site from a friend of mine that has lots of online coupons and deals, but keeps up to date on new tire coupons.

As for oil change coupons, that is where we can help you.

Tires Plus Coupon – February 2013

Ongoing Deal – Free Oil Change

If you need new tires for your car, you can always set an appointment with Tires Plus to have them install tires that you either bought from them or elsewhere.  They have a special guarantee that promises your tires will be installed in under an hour.  You can even make some money on this deal.

Basically, if your tires take longer than 59 minutes to install, they will reimburse you $59.  Also, in addition to the money, they will even give you a free oil change.  Great deal, so why not give it a shot.

30% Off Any Premium Oil Change

This deal gives you some options.  You can get any premium oil change from Tires Plus for a 30% discount.  They don’t have conventional oil changes on this coupon, so you get to choose from synthetic blend, high mileage and fully synthetic oil changes.  All of these motor oils are Kendall brand and come with Kendall’s special Liquid Titanium additive that helps your car to remain running smoother for much longer.

tires plus oil change coupon

Ask your mechanic and you can also qualify for a free tire rotation with this oil change.  This coupon will expire on February 28th, but we will be sure to bring you the brand new coupon in March.  Check back then if you missed out already.

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