Tire Rebate for Ebay Shoppers – 2012, March

How about this for a great deal.  Ebay usually has a ton of products available for extremely large discounts.  Combine that with a mail in rebate for a $100 prepaid Visa card, and you have one great deal.

Right now, you can head over to eBay to purchase your tires with a great discount.

Discount Tire Direct has teamed up with eBay to give you a $100 mail in rebate in the form of a prepaid Visa card if you purchase one of the selected tires from them on eBay.

It might be time to start shopping for new tires if your tread is getting low or you notice that the tread is really unbalanced between tires.  If you aren’t sure if it is time for new tires yet, you can drive down to a local mechanic you trust and ask them what they think when they look at your tire tread.

If you need new tires and decide to buy them online with this eBay sale, you should first check your tire size before comparing tires for purchase.

Tire sizes come in three numbers such as 225/60-16.  This is the number on the outside of your tire that should let you know what size you should be searching for.  If you buy the wrong sized tire, it may not fit on your wheel or it may cause you car to drive improperly.

You should always buy your tires 4 at a time.  This way your tread will be consistent across the tires and you will get the best driving conditions possible out of them.  New tires can also increase your car’s fuel efficiency, drastically bringing up your MPG.  This is especially important now that gas prices are soaring over $4.00 and over $5.00 in some areas.

This deal is also good on wheels from Discount Tire Direct purchases on eBay!

The discount is only good until March 25th.

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