Sears Valvoline Oil Change Coupon

All Sears Auto Centers have high quality motor oils on hand.  They are a large, worldwide company that is respected for carrying premium products and performing great services, so they don’t stop the quality when it gets to the motor oil.

While the different brands at each Sears might vary from location to location, you can almost always get Valvoline put in your engine with them.  This is one of the most trusted and popular brands available today.

Valvoline has been around for well over a century.  The company started in 1866 when Dr. John Ellis formulated a petroleum-based lubricant that he later named and trademarked as Valvoline motor oil.  The original formula has changed over the years to bring you a product that will keep your engine running better for a much longer time.

Sears Valvoline Rebate

Sears usually has a coupon available for conventional and premium oil changes, but it never specifies the brand of lubricant that they are going to use on your car.  With this deal, you’ll know beforehand that you are getting the one that you want.

ValvolineAwardCardIf you ask for a Valvoline oil change at Sears, you will qualify to get this $10 Award Card in the mail after your purchase.  This deal begins February 1, 2013 and expires March 31, 2013.  You’ll have the option of choosing between using either Valvoline’s MaxLife or SynPower motor oil.



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