Sears Oil Coupon – February 2013

Another Cheap Oil Change Coupons great find for a discounted deal.  Correct me if I’m wrong with my math, but this Sears oil change coupon gives you about 40 percent off of the regular Sears oil change price.  The normal sales price is $29.99 and with this discount you will get it for just $17.99.  Is my math correct?

Ok, math aside, here is your coupon.  It is your choice to get a basic (conventional) oil change for $17.99 or you can decide on a synthetic or high mileage oil change with a $12 discount.  This sale will end on February 12th, but I’m sure we will have the same exact deal popping up the day after.  Sears likes this coupon deal and usually renews it as soon as the last one has expired.

Sears Oil Change Coupons 2013


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