Sears Oil Change Price – 2019 Update

Link to every current Sears oil change coupon.

Sears is one of the few oil change companies that actually lists their prices online.  99% of the other car maintenance companies make you call up or go into the shop to find out how much an oil change costs.

The good/bad news is the Sears oil change price is listed on their website.  The good news is you know how much it is, what you get with the oil change, and how other customers rate the service of the oil change.  The bad news, you see that it is much more expensive than your normal oil change.

This April, the Sears oil change price is $26.50.  This is NOT including the price of an oil filter.  Given, oil filters are usually pretty cheap, but it will get the total oil change to over $30.  You can usually find an oil change coupon for their competition at under $20.

Without a Sears oil change coupon, you are expecting to spend over $30 for this service.  Unfortunately, at this time there is no promotional deals for oil changes at Sears.  However, they do often have special prices.  I’ll add them as I see them like I usually do.

If you would like to forgo an oil change coupon and get a Sears oil change, than by all means go to the Sears website and schedule your service.  You can actually schedule AND pay for your oil change online.  You pay for the convenience here.

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