Sears Oil Change Discount – Save $15 exp?

This is a weird, extremely cheap oil change that wasn’t advertised by Sears.

Today I went to check out the current Sears oil change price and when I got to their page, I saw that the oil change was only going for $11.50.

I haven’t seen this special advertised anywhere, and it doesn’t have an expiration date.

Click here to see the discounted price.  If the price is back up to the normal $26.50, you can always use Sears oil change coupons to get a discount on the full price.

Sears oil change discount screenshot
Screenshot from the Sears oil change website

This is an immediate savings of $15 on your oil change.  There is still a $3 shop fee at most locations, and the oil filter is an added fee.

From the link above, you can both pay for and schedule your Sears oil change conveniently.

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