Sears Oil Change Coupons – May 2012

Sears Oil Change Coupon – Expires June 30

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Sears makes it nice and easy to provide oil change coupons.  They always have a wide variety of Sears coupons to provide people with all different needs a good price.  This month, we have 4 different Sears oil change coupons to share.

All of this month’s coupons are valid until May 26th.  Also, there is a $3 shop fee in all location except California, Illinois, Minnesota, and Puerto Rico.

Sears Coupon #1 – $21.99 Conventional Oil Change OR $8 off Synthetic or High Mileage Oil Change

This coupon will get you either a conventional oil change for about $22 or you can use the coupon to save $8 on any synthetic oil change or high mileage oil change.  If it is just time for an oil change and nothing else, use this oil change discount.

For more information about synthetic oil changes, click here.

Sears conventional oil change coupon - May 2012

Sears Coupon #2 – Alignment Plus Maintenance Package – $89.98

This deal is a little more pricey, but you will save a lot of money on a major maintenance package.

Includes: Wheel Alignment, Conventional Oil Change, Tire Rotation, and Multi-Point Inspection

Sears Alignment plus maintenance coupon - May 2012


Sears Coupon #3 – Road Trip Package Sale – $99.97

Are you planning any major road trips this summer?  If so, then this might be a good time to get this road trip ready oil change package.

$100 gets you the maintenance you need to get your car to drive a long distance.  This special includes an air filter, wheel alignment, conventional oil change, tire rotation, and multi-point inspection.

This is a great way to assure that your care is running smoothly on a road trip.

Sears road trip oil change coupon - May 2012


Sears Coupon #4 – $20 Off Tune-Up Service

OK, this isn’t a coupon for an oil change, but it is a great maintenance deal.  Most of these specials don’t allow you to combine coupons, but you should check with your location to see if you can.  If not, then just come back the next day to get this tune-up coupon.

This deal gets you $20 off of the replacement of spark plugs and wires and your local Sears Auto Center location.

Sears tune up coupon - May 2012


There you have it.  These are the Sears oil change coupons that will get you ready for summer.  Remember, all of these discounts expire on May 26.

May 19th Update – I just went into Sears today to use my tune up coupon.  I can definitely feel the difference in driving my car right now.  It feels like it has a little more go and the A/C even feels a little more powerful.

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