Sears Oil Change Coupons – August 2012

Every month I post multiple coupons on this website, so it is difficult to go back and delete all of the old ones.  If the discounts below are either out of date or out of date, CLICK HERE to find more Sears oil change coupons.

Sears usually has 4-5 different coupons for oil changes each month, but this month there are only one deal.  It also looks like they are still holding the Sears oil change price down to $26.50 and advertising the price as $29.99 on the coupons.

Below are the Sears oil change coupon for the month of August, 2012.

August 2012 Sears Oil Change Coupon

This is technically 3 different deals in one.  You can use the coupon depending on which type or service you might need this time around.

Discount #1

Get a conventional oil change for $21.99.  I believe this does not include the price of the oil filter.  You might want to call and ask.  They are saying the “regular price” is $29.99 so it might actually include the filter.

Discount #2

You can use this coupon to also get $8 off either a Synthetic or a High Mileage oil change.  Unfortunately the site does not list the regular price of a synthetic oil change or a high mileage oil change, so they might vary from location to location.

Sears Oil Change Coupon - August 2012

This coupon expires on August 25, 2012.

$3 shop fee applies except in California, Illinois, Minnesota, and Puerto Rico

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