Sears Oil Change Coupon – July 2012

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It is summer time and that means there is a lot more driving going on.  People are filling up the mechanic shops all around the country trying to get their cars services in time for their next road trip, or just to make sure they don’t break down in the summer heat.

Here is the first look at the Sears oil change coupons for July 2012.

Sears Conventional Oil Change Coupon

This is the regular coupon that Sears seems to put out every month.  You can get a Conventional oil change with this coupon for just $21.99.  This coupon does not include the price of an oil filter or the price of the oil disposal fees which are mandatory in some states.

You can also use this coupon to get $6 off of any other oil change like a high mileage oil change, or synthetic.

Sears coupon for a Conventional Oil Change

It is still early in the month, so there should probably be more coupons coming out soon.  As of right now, this is all that is being advertised, but I’ll keep checking around to see if any more deals pop up after the fourth of July.

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