Sears Oil Change Coupon from Twitter

Link to every current Sears oil change coupon.

I can’t imagine many of you mix Sears into your list of people you are following.  Kim Kardashian and Charlie Sheen are taking up most of your current Tweets.

Well lucky for you, I do follow Sears on Twitter, and I found a cheap oil change deal for you on there.

This coupon expires on March 4th so hurry and use it.

The Sears oil change coupon is valid in-store only for a $14.99 conventional oil change.  The regular oil change price is $29.99.  With this coupon you’ll save about $15!

If you want to follow Sears, go ahead if you want some boring Tweets about deals on washing machines.  If you don’t want to add that clutter to your Twitter account, feel free to check back here regularly as we watch the web for the best oil change coupons.

Twitter Sears oil change coupon