Sears Oil Change Coupon – Expires August 2013

Sears always has a coupon available for an oil change available as soon as the last one expires.  We try to keep on top of the Sears coupons since a lot of people come here looking for them, but if this one is expired please send us an email.

If you are looking for a premium service this month, then you will get the greatest discount now.  Otherwise, you might want to consider looking for another discount elsewhere for a basic oil change.

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Coupon Expiring July 7, 2013

June-July Sears oil change special

This deal will give you the option between a cheap conventional oil change or a discounted premium one.  The conventional oil change savings is about $10.  The normal cost to you would be $29.99 if you were to get this without a coupon, but with it, you’ll get the oil change for $19.99.  The discount last month was for $17.99, so it isn’t as great of a savings as before, but it is still a good deal.

The other option would be a synthetic or a high mileage oil change.  If you have a car that you really want to take the best care of, you should decide to get a synthetic oil change.  These will help your engine by preventing break down of the parts better, it will give you a better start up time in cold weather and you won’t need to get your oil changed for a few thousand miles more.

This discount will give you ten dollars off of the synthetic or high mileage motor oil if you choose that instead.

Also, members of the Sears “Shop Your Way” program will get additional points for getting a synthetic or high mileage oil change with this coupon.

Both of these discounts will expire on July 7, 2013.  On the fifth we will have the next deal up on the site.

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