Sears Oil Change Coupon – $12 OFF

This is once again, the same special that is running every month here.  The oil change discount hasn’t been changing each month, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

The regular price without a coupon is $29.99, but with this deal you can save $12 and get it for just $17.99 (plus shop fees of $3 everywhere except in California, Illinois, Minnesota and Puerto Rico locations).

Sears Oil Change - Save $12

And, just like every other month with this deal, you can also save $12 off of either a high mileage or a fully synthetic oil change.  These services have prices that climb to extremely high prices, so $12 savings should help.  Try calling your local Sears to see how much either of these would cost before and after the coupon is implemented.

This one expires on February 12, 2012.  The new discount should be posted soon following it.

Other Discounts

There are still plenty of other coupons available in November and some leading into December 2012.

Brake Service

Save $40 when you combine two different offers on a brake service.  This discount is for “most vehicles” and gets you brake service for the price of $119.99 per axle.  The regular price is $144.99.

This discount comes from $25 instant savings plus an additional $15 off by a mail in rebate.

Sears Brake Coupon - November 2012

This deal is valid until November 24, 2012 as well.

Tune Up – Save $50

They don’t list all of the features of a tune up here, so you should probably call your closest location to see what they are offering.  This coupon gets you $26 off immediately plus another $24 back by a Bosch spark plug mail in rebate.


This also expires on November 24, 2012.

$9.99 Fall Care Car Check-up

This service usually costs about $30 here.  What they do with the car care check up is a tire rotation and an inspection of the braking system, battery, fluid levels, hoses, wipers, lighting, belts, suspension and more.  I recommend getting this all checked out before winter hits.


Alignment Services

You can use this one to save 10% off of a w wheel alignment.  I’m not sure exactly how much it costs at each individual location, so you should probably give your location a call to see how much you’ll be saving.


Tire Rebates

There are usually a few of these per month.  You should definitely get new tires if your tread is running low.  You don’t want to get stuck without grip on your tires when the roads start to get icy soon.


Get up to $80 Amex Reward Card if you purchase of a set of 4 eligible Hankook tiresVentus V12evo, Ventus V4es, Optimo H426, Optimo H727, Dynapro HT.  This deal expires on November 30, 2012.

sears hankook tire rebate


Get up to $100 by MIR after purchase of a set of 4 eligible Falken WildPeak tires.  This rebate expires on December 31.

Updates on new discounts and coupons to follow in just a few weeks for Sears.

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