Sears Memorial Day Oil Change Coupon

Sears Oil Change Coupon – Expires June 30

Well, this isn’t exactly exclusively a Memorial Day oil change coupon, however, it is a coupon that just came out today that you may want to use on Memorial Day weekend.  To my knowledge, most Sears auto locations are open on Memorial Day Monday, so this coupon should work.

Last month’s coupon for a Sears oil change expired on May 26.  For some reason Sears likes to have their coupons expire in the middle of the month rather than go from the first to the last.

The May 27-June 30 oil change coupon will get you a conventional oil change for $21.99.  You can also use it for any other oil change to get $8 off.  So, say you want a synthetic oil change, which is much more expensive, you can still use this coupon to get $8 off.  There will also be a $3 shop fee applied in locations with the exception of California, Illinois, Minnesota, and Puerto Rico.

Have a safe Memorial Day!

Memorial Day oil change coupon

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