Sears $17.99 Oil Change Coupon – December 2012

Well, here is one of the many Sears oil change coupons that I find myself sharing each and every month with my wonderful website visitors.  I’m sorry I’m about a week late to post this one, but it is here for those of you that still need to use it.

I’m not really surprised about this one, it is the same deal as always.  I was hoping they would offer a much bigger discount because it is the holiday season and everyone is spending money like crazy, so it would have been nicer to save even more money right now.  But still, this saves you at lest $12.

The deal

Option 1 – $17.99 Conventional Oil Change

A conventional oil change is the industry standard. There are no bells and whistles here.  You get the basic g`rade motor oil (which isn’t junk) and an oil filter to replace your old worn out one.

Option 2 – $12 off a Synthetic or High Mileage Oil Change

This oil change coupon also gives you an option for a premium service. A synthetic oil change uses a more expensive, but a more durable lubricant for your engine.  High mileage oil changes will use a specific blend meant for older cars, so that you can extend the life of your 1988 Ford.

I always agree that synthetic is the way to go if you have the money, but I’m a big believer that synthetic is the best oil change for winter months.  You want an oil that can move more freely when it gets cold out.  The chances of you having issues starting up your car on a freezing cold winter morning will decrease if you spend a little more on a synthetic oil change.

Sears $17.99 Oil Change Coupon - December 2012

Winter is a very important time to service your car.  The freezing temperatures your car has to withstand followed by immediately heating up the engine block requires some serious maintenance.  The four things you should definitely consider getting serviced right now are the tires, oil, antifreeze and windshield washer fluid.  Lots of people will forget about the washer fluid around this time of the year, but it is one of the cheapest things you can put into your car and something that will save you from the winter months when nasty slush will cake up on your windshield after a snow storm.

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