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About Quaker State Motor Oil

Quaker State motor oil has been one of the most trusted motor oil companies in existence for decades.  Over the years Quaker State has added more and more products to their arsenal including transmission fluid, gear lubricants, grease, power steering fluid, brake fluid, and small engine lubricants.

This motor oil powerhouse competed for years with Pennzoil.  In 1998 the two companies merged to form Pennzoil-Quaker State.

In 2002, the 4 year old merger was bought by the Royal Dutch Shell Group to form Shell Oil Products US, aka SOPUS.

Quaker State does not have any quick lube stations in their name like Valvoline Instant Oil Care or Penn 10 (Pennzoil) do.  However, the Pennzoil-Quaker State company does own the Jiffy Lube corporation, so you are likely to get an oil change with Quaker State oil at most Jiffy Lube locations.Quaker State

You’ll also be able to request Quaker State oil changes when you go to certain larger companies.  Pep Boys and Walmart often have special rates using Quaker State motor oil for their services.  Many other locations, like mechanics and car dealerships offer Quaker State oil changes as well.

There are currently 4 different types of oil produced by Quaker State:

Advanced Durability Motor Oil

Quaker State Advanced Durability motor oil is not just your normal conventional motor oil.  This oil minimizes friction-related wear 3 time better than the wear standard set by top American and Japanese automotive manufacturers.

Defy Motor Oil

Quaker State Defy is a synthetic blend motor oil that’s engineered to prevent up to 98% of future engine wear. This motor oil contains increased zinc anti-wear agents that target high temperature and high-wear surfaces to help you extend the life of your engine.

Enhanced Durability Synthetic Blend Motor Oil

Quaker State Enhanced Durability Synthetic Blend Motor Oil provides:

• Excellent protection against friction-related wear*
• Improved resistance to engine stress at high RPMs and under heavy loads**
• Enhanced resistance to thermal and viscosity breakdown
• Excellent lubrication at low and high temperatures

Ultimate Durability Full Synthetic Motor Oil

Quaker State Ultimate Durability Full Synthetic Motor Oil provides:

• Unsurpassed protection against friction-related wear, especially as temperatures increase*
• Improved resistance to engine stress at high RPMs and under heavy loads**
• Superior resistance to thermal and viscosity breakdown**
• Superior lubrication at low and high temperatures**
• Exceeds the most stringent car manufacturer requirements for cleanliness and protection – including GM dexos1TM

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