Pep Boys Oil Change Coupons – August 2012

Sometimes we forget to come back to old posts and move the content to newer discounts.  If that is the case, we apologize, but you can still CLICK HERE to find the newer discounts available for Pep Boys oil changes.

Pep Boys usually throws out a lot of coupons for oil changes, brake changes, tires, and pretty much every other thing that they offer at the store.  Below are some of the oil change specials available this August from Pep Boys, including DIY and full service oil changes.

Full Service Oil Changes

This coupon lets you choose between a high mileage or a synthetic oil change at Pep Boys.  The coupon is good until August 31, 2012.  It is either $5.00 off of ANY high mileage oil change or $10 off ANY synthetic oil change.

Pep Boys High Mileage or Synthetic Oil Change Coupons - August 2012

For fans of either Pennzoil or Castrol motor oil, you can use the coupon below to get $5 off of any Castrol or Pennzoil oil change.  It comes with up to 5 quarts of either oil and a Proline oil filter up to $3.99.

Castrol or Pennzoil Oil Change Coupon - Pep Boys - August 2012


DIY Oil Change Discounts

I wrote an article earlier about the environmental benefits of Valvoline NextGen Motor oil that you can find here.  This rebate will get you a $20 store gift card when you recycle your old motor oil at Pep Boys and purchase 5 quarts of either Valvoline NextGen conventional oil or MaxLife NextGen Motor oil.  This deal is good until September 30th.

Pep Boys - Valvoline NextGen Rebate

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