Pep Boys Coupons – June 2012

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All of the following coupons are good for the rest of the month of June.  All of them expire on June 30th.  Pep Boys locations sometimes get rather busy, so you may want to call ahead to make sure you reserve some time with a technician rather than showing up and dropping off your car.

Pep Boys Do it Yourself Oil Change Discount

Some people would rather just perform their own oil changes.  It is usually cheaper to do and you don’t have to worry about the service quality since you are the one doing it and knowing what is going on.  This coupon is good for three different DIY oil change options.

  • Option 1 – $22 for 5.1 or qt. of Quaker State Conventional Motor Oil with Purolator Classic Oil Filter
  • Option 2 – $25 for 5 qts. of Quaker State Defy High Mileage Motor Oil with Purolator Classic Oil Filter
  • Option 3 – $28 for 5 qts. of Quaker State Synthetic Motor Oil with Purolator Classic Oil Filter

Pep Boys DIY Oil Change Coupon - June 2012

Pep Boys Free Oil Change Coupon with Purchase of Two Tires

Pep Boys carries pretty much every auto parts product that you would need.  One of the main sellers is tires which are fairly cheap at Pep Boys.  So to make an extra incentive to get tires from Pep Boys, you can get a free oil change with the purchase of two tires at Pep Boys.

Pep Boys Free Oil Change with Tires


Another DIY Oil Change Coupon – Pennzoil Ultra Synthetic Oil – $40

Pennzoil oil changes are sometimes preferred by individuals.  Synthetic oil is recommended to most though.  This is a pretty good deal that will get you the materials required to perform a DIY oil change with 5 quarts of Pennzoil Ultra Synthetic Oil with a K&N oil filter.

Pep Boys Pennzoil Ultra Synthetic DIY Oil Change

Pep Boys Brake Inspection and Discount Coupon

A lot of people are scared to have their brakes checked out by local mechanics because it usually costs money just for the inspection, plus a lot of mechanics cannot be trusted and will perform work on your car for money when you don’t even need the work done.  Pep Boys can be trusted more (usually) because the mechanics don’t make money based off of each deal they do.  You can use this coupon to get a free brake inspection, and then if you need brakes, you can use the coupon to get $25 off of the service.

Wheel Alignment – $10 off

A proper wheel alignment will keep your car running in better shape in a few ways.  Getting a wheel alignment will get your car to actually drive in a straight line instead of veering one way if the alignment is off.  The suspension parts will get a longer life span, and your MPG will increase.  Having a higher fuel efficiency is more important than ever now that gas prices seem to be soaring every single day.  Keeping your wheels aligned properly will also keep tires tred from wearing out the wrong way and unevenly, saving you a lot of money on tires.

Pep Boys wheel alignment coupon

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