Pep Boys Brake Service Coupons – 2012, March

Pep Boys is great for all car needs.  Whether you are willing and capable to do the automotive work yourself, or if you’d prefer to have a professional do it for you, the option is there.

Also, since Pep Boys is such a large competitor on auto parts, they usually don’t have to worry about paying too much to get parts for work they do.  Pep Boys cuts out the middle man for the majority of parts as they order in bulk, and keep items on hand in storage.

Brakes are no acception.

With the huge warehouse of brakes, Pep Boys is often able to drop prices on brake service for you.  This month there are 2 printable Pep Boys brake coupons available for those in need of brake work.

First we have a coupon that gets you $10 off of brake fluid exchange in a Pep Boys store.  Call up or go online to set an appointment for a good time to get your brake fluid flushed and replaced.

Pep Boys Brake Fluid Exchange Coupon

Next, we found another brake service coupon for Pep Boys that will save you on more involved brake work.  This coupon will save you 10% off of any brake service that you may need.  If your rotors or brake pads are shot, you should definitely consider this brake coupon to save a considerable amount on your brake repairs.

Pep Boys Brake Service Coupon

Both coupons expire on March 31st.

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