$40 Coupon for Pennzoil DIY Oil Change – Pep Boys

Pennzoil Penn 10 Coupons

Pennzoil does not currently have any nationwide Pennzoil branded oil change locations.  They do however own and operate the Jiffy Lube company nationwide and Penn 10 stations in the Northwest.

If you are looking for a Pennzoil oil change coupon, you can either get a Jiffy Lube oil change coupon and see if your local Jiffy Lube station uses Pennzoil, or you can use the rebate below at any AutoNation location.

The mail in rebate is available inside of the AutoNation locations, so you might want to call ahead to make sure they have it available.

This particular rebate expires on February 29th, but it is a common deal that you can check on with your closest AutoNation location.

With the mail in rebate, you will get a check back for $20 on a qualifying Pennzoil oil change.

Pennzoil Oil Change Mail in Rebate