Oil Change Prices

Oil change prices vary considerably depending on where you are looking to get an oil change.  You may have noticed from this website that there are a wide variety of different places that you can get an oil change.

Where to get an oil change

Local Mechanic – Mechanic shops are located in every town and city.  Sometimes people have a personal relationship with their mechanics and will only trust them to do an oil change or any other service on their car.

Large Chains – There are a lot of chain companies that offer many automotive services, both for repairs and general maintenance.  These chains usually have a focus on one service like brakes, batteries, tires, etc.  However, these companies will most likely perform oil changes as well to supplement the business and try to upsell more services.  Examples of these companies include Midas, AAMCO,

Quick Lube Stations – Some of the larger franchise companies focus solely on oil changes and advanced oil changes/tune ups.  Examples of these quick lube stations are Jiffy Lube, Oil Can Henry’s, and The Great Canadian Oil Change (Canada obviously).

Retailers – Whether the retailer is dedicated to auto part or not, there are some large companies that you can go to for an oil change.  You can always check out Walmart oil change prices, Sears oil change prices, and compare those with the price of an oil change at a place like Pep Boys.

Oil Change Prices

The price of oil itself changes drastically throughout the country.  Different regions at different companies may have varying prices.

Some larger companies like Sears should keep their price consistent.

Also, franchises like Jiffy Lube and Meineke are allowed to charge different prices based on who owns the shop so they can compete with their local competition better.

Cheaper Prices

Well, you can search around this website to get cheaper oil change prices.  Oil change coupons and random promotions bring down prices of oil changes, tire rotations, etc.

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