Oil Change Prices | How Much Does an Oil Change Cost

You really have no choice when it comes to getting an oil change.  You either do it, or you wait for your car to die.  Prices vary significantly depending on the type of oil change, where you get it done, or the type of oil change discount you use.


Variable 1:  What type of car are you driving?

Oil change prices vary depending on the car type.  Larger cars or trucks require more oil and a bigger oil filter.  Those oil changes can be $5-$20 more based on the size of the engine and how many more quarts of oil are needed to fill your engine.


Variable 2: Synthetic oil change or conventional oil change?

The price of synthetic motor oil itself is often two times the price of regular, conventional oil.  People looking to increase their fuel efficiency, prolong the life of their car, or have the best oil change available opt for synthetic oil over conventional oil.  Learn more about synthetic oil changes here.


Variable 3: Where you get your oil change matters.

Often you can find great deals at the nationwide auto service centers like Walmart, Valvoline, and Midas.  They usually have printable cheap oil change coupons online, in newspapers, or in mailers that can usually get you a pretty good deal.


Variable 4:  Are you adding any extras?

The majority of the time, when you go in for an oil change, the mechanic will offer you more services.  They will often offer a great discount oil change just to get you in the door with the hopes of upselling you on tire rotation, spark plug replacement, new brakes, etc.  While most of these options are recommended at certain mileages, you should use common sense as to whether or not you add on these services and prices.  Some places like Jiffy Lube even offer some of these add-ons for free as part of their regular service.


Oil Change Prices

All of that being said, you can usually look to spend as low as $14.99 on an oil change (with an oil change coupon), and upwards of $80 if you want a synthetic oil change on a larger vehicle, and you haven’t shopped around for the best priced oil change or discount oil changes.