Oil Change Groupon Deals

Groupon is a regular source of oil change deals that I pull for this site.  I like to share these deals especially because they both provide incredible savings compared to regular oil change coupons, and because they usually help out small businesses.

You can use Groupon to find specials on almost any service and often different goods.  I use it all the time to get restaurant deals and the occasional eCommerce website discounts.

You will find these deals listed almost daily on the top toolbar or the left side of this site where it says “Limited Time”.  These specials are usually local deals, but I sometimes find nationally run oil change, tire, or brake Groupon specials that obviously make it up on the site.

How Does Groupon Work?

Groupon will post various advertised specials in local areas.  When you get onto the site you will have the option of picking your closest city or region.  They have grown exponentially over the years, so most regions are covered with specials.

Once you find your region, you can find the many different deals being offered.  They will have one featured Groupon at the top of the page, then if you scroll down to the bottom you will find other deals that are still going on in your region and close to it.

If you find a deal that you link (usually saving 50-80%) you buy the Groupon.  Within 24 hours they will email you a voucher.

How to Redeem a Groupon Voucher

After you get your email with the Groupon voucher, you can either print it or use the coupon code that is provided.  Lots of times you’ll find deals with terms such as “Spend $20 to get $40”.  What this means is if you spent $20 to Groupon, you’ll be sent a $40 voucher (similar to a gift card).

Huge Discounts on deals right NOW!

What are Groupon Now! Deals?

Basically, they are what the titles says.  Groupon Now! Deals are specials that you can use immediately after you purchase them.  No need to wait for an email with a voucher.

I use my iPhone to get Groupon Now! Deals when I’m already out at a restaurant and want to get a discount.  You can also look around on the Groupon Now! part of the website before you head out for an oil change, dinner, massage, etc.

Usually the deals will get you something like half off.

How Long are Groupons Good For?

This varies depending on the deal.  Some Groupon deals have a yearlong lifespan while others need to be used within a week.  Groupon Now! deals usually have a 24 hour expiration.

What are Groupon Goods?

Groupon Goods is the newest addition to the Groupon arsenal of deals.  They have really great discounts on a variety of new, unique, innovative, or “cool” products on the web.  The products that I see at the time of the writing include austronaut food, an infrared bistro BBQ grill, perfume, sandals, furniture, and laptops.  All of the products are marked down considerably.

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