Oil Change Coupons – Why?

Why do mechanics offer oil change coupons?  What do they have to gain by giving away a cheap oil change that barely makes them any money?

Oil change coupons are used as the number one advertising strategy for mechanics and quick lube centers.  These are great ways to get people into their establishment.

One way they actually make money on such cheap oil changes is by increasing the quantity of work that they perform.  When a mechanic can do an oil change in 15 minutes, that is 4 cars an hour that he can do an oil change on.  Add a row of lifts and a team of mechanics and you can get over 30 oil changes done per hour.

This is easily obtainable for a mechanic shop if they issue an oil change coupon to generate interest around their immediate community.  People will see the discount oil change as a reason to get their car serviced.

Now one of the main reasons that they offer these oil change deals is for the ol’ bait and switch routine.

There isn’t anything shady going on, at least we hope, but the cashier will almost always try to upsell you on other products to make more money.  Your cheap oil change can now become an expensive tune up with a good sales person, or if you realize your car really needs it.

If you don’t know much about cars, you may want to bring a friend with you who does.  The mechanic is going to look at your air filter, brake pads, tire tred, etc.  If he or she notices anything that might need to be fixed they will let you know so that they do the work on your car, and some other company doesn’t get your business down the line.

My recommendation, listen to the cashier and mechanics advice.  You may be able to just find out if something is wrong with your car and shop around local mechanics for a good deal.  If what they find out is you need new brakes or tires, you should go home and search for brake service coupons and tire coupons.