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Oil Can Henry’s Oil Change Coupon

It’s a little late in the month for this coupon, and I apologize for that.  Today I am posting about the May coupon for an oil change at Oil Can Henry’s.  This coupon is good for all locations in Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington.

This discount will save you $8 on their “Famous 20 point Full-Service Oil Change”.

Oil Can Henry's Coupon for Oil Change

Oil Can Henry’s Famous 20 Point Full-Service Oil Change

You get to sit in your car and relax while this oil change is being performed.  All of these oil changes come with the Henry’s Top Up Guarantee.  If any fluid gets low on your car within 3 months of your oil change at any of their locations, just bring in your receipt and they will top off your fuel for free.

Much like other oil changes, you’ll get up to 5 quarts of oil, a new oil filter, windshield washer fluid, and a visual inspection of your engine and under your car’s chassis. They will also check and fill the majority of your car’s fluids and give your car an inspection of brakes, air filter, PCV filter and valve, lights, and windshield wipers.

Oil Can Henry’s Oil Change Reviews


I have never been to an Oil Can Henry’s oil change location since there has never been one within logical driving distant to me.  I have, however, read some great reviews about Oil Can Henry’s online.  Here are a few reviews courtesy of Yelp:

Oil Can Henry’s – SOMA – San Francisco, CA

I finally visited this place after seeing it over and over and wondering about it.  Love it!

The guys are friendly, treated me like a non-moron, and didn’t try to up sell me on things I didn’t need.  And, they’re pretty cute with their news boy caps and their bow ties.

I don’t even live in this neighborhood, but I think I’ll go here from now on for my oil changes and regular, simple car maintenance. (5 stars)

Oil Can Henry’s – Fountain Valley, CA

I love my sophie and i usually would go to pepboys for my oil change….but the pepboys near me closed and i was on my way to walmart, so I said let me give oil can henrys a try.  i had my whole family in the car and i head it just takes 15 minutes to do.  It was even better than what i have heard.  I got new lights, air filter, and wiper blades w my oil change.  Add loads of dicounts and i was sold.  They even convinced my grams in the car with me.  And thats a tough sell to do lol.  I will be going here again!  They were very helpful and very informational :).  And I have no clue about cars.  I felt i learned alot about my little sophie and it was a great experience. (5 stars)


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