Oil Can Henry’s $8 Off Coupon

This seems to be the regular deal that you will get with this company. Every month I get an email with a coupon giving you $8 off of the “Famous 20 point full service” oil change.

Use this deal before November 2, 2012.  If that date has past, I assume I would have gotten a new email from the company with the newest deal.  Otherwise, you can click here to see if their website has a newer discount available.   Just a heads up, it will probably be the $8 discount again.

November 2012 Coupon

More discounts and promotions can be found throughout our site.  Click the links to the right to find more locations and national deals being run. You can also look around Groupon for some killer deals that you can use at local shops.

I like to head over to Yelp.com to find more deals and even reviews of different locations before I make my decision on where I’m going to bring my car for servicing.  Yelp has incredible amounts of people giving away free advice about different mechanics, restaurants, hotels, spas, etc. that you should definitely go to or definitely avoid.

From my searches, it looks like Oil Can Henry’s has one of the best track records on Yelp when it comes to national chains.  People seem genuinely happy with the services that they are getting.   What do you think about your interactions with the mechanics at your locations?

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