Monro Oil Change Coupon – $21.99 – exp 7/31

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I guess oil changes are part of the “service” in the long name of “Monro Muffler, Brakes & Service”.

This is a pretty amazing deal with all of the extras you get with this coupon.

There are also a few options that let you choose between conventional, synthetic blend, or high mileage oil.

The Deal

$21.99 for a conventional oil change OR $38.99 for a synthetic blend or high mileage oil change.

Along with the oil changes, you’ll also get:

  • FREE 4-tire rotation
  • FREE brake inspection
  • FREE tire pressure check

Monro Oil Change Coupon - July 2012

The oil change comes with a new filter as well.  YOu’ll get up to 5 quarts of motor oil, chassis lube and a vehicle inspection.  An additional $2.50 filter and/or waste recycling fee applies (does not apply in NY).

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