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Trust the Midas Touch.

Midas is committed towards earning the trust of their customers.  The Midas Guarantee helps to build a bond with their customers.  What this guarantee does is it makes the customers know that Midas stands behind EVERY service that they perform.

The Midas Guarantee offers lifetime guarantees on brakes pads, shoes, mufflers, and shocks/struts.  You can rest assured that your car will be running in great condition for a while to come.

Pair the Midas Guarantee with some Midas coupons for a cheap oil change, and you have a great match.

Midas oil change couponThey also makes it easy to set up appointment for your oil change or other car services.  You can either call a location nearby or schedule your appointment on the Midas website.  Here you can find a Midas oil change coupon then search for a local car care center, and pick an available time to drop your car off for your discounted servicing.

Midas offers all other preventative maintenance for your car.  When you stop in for an oil change, you can even ask them to look a little deeper under the hood at the brakes, struts, cooling system, muffler, and tires.

Normally you should look for a oil change coupons for the Midas Touch Maintenance Package.  They call this the “Spa treatment for your car”, and it truly is.  The Midas Touch Maintenance Package comes with the following services:
·         Oil change and oil filter change
·         Four wheel rotation
·         The Midas Touch Courtesy Check

What does the Midas Touch Courtesy Check consist of?  This is a visual, multi-point test that seeks out certain wear and tear in problem areas of your car that can become bigger issues in the near future.  They check major systems and components (engine, transmission, brakes, steering, starting and charging, heating and cooling, and lighting.  The under-the-hood check looks into the battery, radiator, water pump, air filter, belts and hoses.

With the Midas Touch Courtesy Check, your technician will also look at your fluids (engine oil, coolant, transmission, power steering, brake, and windshield washer). The under-the-vehicle items include shocks/struts, brakes and fuel lines, exhaust system, and driveline.  Along with the tire rotation, the mechanic will also look into tread depth, wear patters, inflation pressure, and overall condition.

These services are well worth the price that Midas pays for them, but everyone deserves a break.  Look around for a Midas oil change coupon to help ease the pain on your wallet.