Midas Coupons – Ongoing 2012

If you are looking for a bigger variety of Midas coupons or looking for something more up to date, you can CLICK HERE to be redirected to the Midas Oil Change Coupons section of this website.

Midas usually doesn’t run national coupon deals, so the only way to find a deal has been to go on the Midas website and poke around to a few locations.  This is kind of a pain, but it is the way to do it.

Enter 2012, and now everybody has a smart phone.   There is an app on the iPhone and Droids that gets you Midas locations, coupons, and where you can book appointments.

I pulled the coupon below right off of my phone.  I don’t have to worry about printing anything up as I can just show my phone to the cashier and get the discount.  It is also a lot easier to shop around better discounts in my area.

Midas Oil Change Coupon from an APP

Not only is it a great deal and discount, but it is also super convenient.

I just had to look up my zip code first.  Then from that screen there is a full listing of locations in my area.  Some have little dollar sign symbols next to the location, this means there are coupons available.

The listings will show what services each location has available, coupons and offers, appointment availability, hours of operation, and location of the shops.

There are more than just oil change coupons available.  Today, just at my location, I found the following deals as well:

  • $50 off per axle up to $100
  • $10 off fluid exchanges
  • 10% off $100 or more
  • 20% off $200 or more
  • 30% off $300 or more

The app is free and easy to use, so I highly recommend getting it.

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