Meineke Oil Change Coupons 2015

Three Oil Change Coupons and a Brake Discount

Meineke Basic $19.95 oil change couponMeineke 2013 Preferred Oil Change Coupon

Meineke Supreme Oil Change January 2013

Meineke Brakes Coupon January 2013

That oil in your engine plays a pretty important role. Your vehicle’s engine has hundreds of moving parts in it and these parts cause friction when they rub against each other. The friction then causes enormous amounts of heat in your engine. Lubricating oil in the engine protects it against all of this friction and heat.


The oil does two things to your engine. One, it reduces the amount of friction between the moving parts. And the second is, it helps cool the parts of the engine as it flows through. Without oil in your engine, these moving parts would generate so much heat. They would consequently melt together and cause the engine to lock up. That pretty much tells us why the oil in the engine is very important.


A lot of you still have this question – why get the oil changed? Over time, oil breaks down. Many factors may cause the breakdown of the oil in your engine, but heat is the biggest contributing factor. And aside from this, additives in your engine oil also break down and lose their effectiveness over time. Contamination is also another reason. Dust, dirt, and debris get into your engine, making the oil less slippery and also less effective at cushioning the moving parts of the engine.


Now car brakes is another thing you need to be checking. If your vehicle isn’t stopping like it should, don’t hesitate to have it checked when there is a problem as doing so may just make it worse. Meineke offers free visual inspection of the brake system components and only charges fees when diagnostic services are required.


Meineke is offering oil change at great rates this month – $19.95 on basic oil change, $29.95 on preferred oil change, and $49.95 on supreme oil change. Offer comes with 23-point inspection, tire pressure check, tire rotation, and much more. You might also want to take advantage of their 50% discount on brake pads and shoes.

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