Meineke Brakes – May 2012

I usually head down to Meineke when I want to get my brakes fixed.  Meineke and Pep Boys are my favorites for getting quality work done on my brakes for a reasonable price.

These huge retailers also have some brake coupons available fairly often like those below.

This May, we have 2 Meineke brake coupons to share:

Brake Discount #1

You can use this coupon to get 50% off of the cost of brake pads and brake shoes.  This special is just for the cost of the brakes and service is not included.  You have to pay for the brake service to get the pads or shoes for the discount.  Offer expires on June 15.

Brake Discount #2

Not sure if you need your brakes fixed yet?  You can use the 2nd brake coupon to get a free brake check and a tire rotation and balance check.  The Meineke technician will perform a visual inspection of your brake system components to see if you are in need of any brake service yet.

They will also check the air pressure and wear on your tires to determine if you are in need of a rotation or balance.  Most mechanics will charge you just to look at these two things as it will take up their time.  Meineke will check for free though if you print the coupon and bring it in. This special also ends on June 15th.

Both specials are only good at participating locations, so make sure to call ahead before bringing your car in for servicing.

Meineke Brake Coupons - May 2012

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