How to Minimize Your Car Gas Bills

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Gas prices have shown increase in the past few years. For low earners, it is becoming difficult to afford the gas cars that they own. The best solution for this problem seems to be hybrid or electric cars. However, they are very expensive to buy. Instead of gathering money and buying a new car, you must try to minimize your gas bills. Here are some of the ways that might help you in decreasing your monthly gas bills and saving some extra dollars:

Effective Octane

It is not necessary that high-octane gas will give your car a good efficient mileage. Some cars best perform on regular octane level. In order to know that which octane level is the best for your vehicle, check out your auto manual. If the high price gas is required, than go for high octane; otherwise a regular octane level is more efficient and cost saving.

Low priced Gas Station

The variation is very high among gas prices even in the same locality. On average, this variation ranges to nearly 10%. Therefore, you can easily use your smart phone applications in order to check the best prices different stations are offering.

Avoid over speeding

Over speeding uses much higher level of gas. The best advisable speed for normal vehicles is 50-60 miles per hour. Above this speed, the gas mileage tends to decrease. It is also advisable not to apply frequent brakes as this wastes your car energy.

Air conditioner

Air conditioning uses nearly 20% of the gasoline fuel. If you think that, it is cheap to use air conditioning on gas, than you are misguided. Try to minimize their use when the weather is normal. Do not worry. The roads are not very much dusty. People are walking without any masks, so you can open the windows when the weather is fine.

Empty Rooftop

If your car has luggage holder on the rooftop and you also have space inside your car to put luggage, than use the inner space instead of rooftop. The rooftop luggage increases the resistance to the car by a high amount and hence creates higher resistance for the car. It can decrease your fuel mileage by nearly five percent.

Airtight tires

Keep your tires at right air pressure and aligned. The tires are the legs of your car. Healthy legs ensure healthy body and hence healthy mileage for your car.

Avoid driving long distances

Long distance travelling can cost you sometimes much higher than you ever imagined. You can save a lot of your money if you use train or bus for long distance. If you also need your car at other destination, there are number of auto shipping companies that provide car-shipping services within country. The prices are low and hence can save a lot of your money.

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