How much can better MPG save you per year?

In today’s rough economy everyone is looking for ways to pinch pennies and save money.  It is almost terrifying to a lot of people when they see the gas tank get closer to the empty sign.  Flashes of high price mile per gallon fuel run through their heads and they drive until they are on fumes, as though the price will drop before they run out of gas.


There is no avoiding the gas pumps or the high price of filling up, but if you take the advice I offer, you’ll have to fill up a lot less often.  This can save you around $400 a year.


Following the tips, many cars can increase their fuel economy by 15%.  That means if you’re driving at 20 MPG right now, you can get up to 23 MPG.  Look at it like this information I got from a gas MPG calculator to show how much you can save with this calculation:


  • Fuel Price: $3.89 (The current local gas price in Los Angeles)
  • Pre MPG increase: 20 MPG
  • Post MPG increase: 23 MPG
  • Annual mileage: 15,000
  • Annual gas spending before maximizing fuel efficiency: $2,918
  • Annual gas spending after maximizing fuel efficiency: $2,537

That would be a saving of $381 in that year!

Save money by getting an oil change

Everybody has different results, some better, some worse.  If you drivemore miles, then you definitely need to look into increasing MPG, because you’ll more than likely save over $400 a year.  That is over $30 a month.


Tomorrow I’ll be posting tips for increasing MPG.  They are easy to follow and will save you hundreds of dollars per year on gas.  Teaser:  I’ll recommend the obvious…get a cheap oil change!  You’ll find access to cheap oil change coupons throughout the site that can help get those prices down.  You can increase your MPG by 4% with a good oil change.