Halloween Safe Driving Tips

Happy Halloween everyone!

This is an extremely fun and exciting time of the year.  It is also a very dangerous time, especially for drivers and people in the roads.

Halloween brings out a mass of people walking in the streets, many of which are in dark clothing that cannot be seen at night.  It also brings about bad driving.  Bad drivers show up either as dangerous driving by teenagers or extremely dangerous drunk driving which is inevitable this time of the year.

I would like to share some safe driving tips for Halloween to keep you all, and the people in the road safer this year.

Drive Slowly

Well this is an obvious one.  There are a lot of things to look out for, like children darting across the street and people fumbling around with their costumes while driving.

Turn off the Cell Phone

The easiest way to avoid texting and driving would be to turn off your phone and put it in your glove box.  You won’t be as tempted to pick up the phone.  You need to keep your eyes on the road.  God forbid you hit a child who is trick or treating because you couldn’t wait to send a text message.

Avoid Passing Cars

This goes with driving slowly.  Today is a day that we all need to exercise extra caution behind the wheel.  Passing cars could lead to hitting trick or treaters that jumped out in traffic or hitting a car that isn’t paying attention like you are.  Most of the pedestrians today are either children, or when it gets later, drunk.  Children and drunks have one thing in common, they don’t know/follow all of the rules.  Children don’t know any better and may dart into an intersection because they cannot wait to trick or treat at the next house and people who had a few drinks just don’t care and are oblivious to the cars driving at intersections. Yield to Pedestrians

Wait to Put on Your Costume

You may think it is funny for others to see you driving with a Halloween mask on, but it won’t be funny if you run over a kid because you have about half of your peripheral vision left.  Leave the masks, props, gloves, etc. off until you get to your destination.

Avoid Driving

Today is not a day to drive around if you don’t necessarily have to.  Save your errands for tomorrow when the streets aren’t filled with children and their parents going door to door.  Also, there is no need to drive around today if you want to see all of the Halloween decorations in town.  There is a good chance everybody will leave them up until the weekend, so you have plenty of time left to joyride and check them out.

Don’t Drink and Drive

Kind of an obvious guideline here, but a lot of people are going to ignore it anyway.  Even if you don’t care about your safety or others, I’m sure you care about getting pulled over for a DWI.  Halloween night has more drunk driving check points than any other night.  You will get pulled over if you drink and drive tonight.

Now with all of that serious talk out of the way, have fun and enjoy the holiday.

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