Local Grease Monkey Coupons 2020

Grease Monkey Oil Change Coupons get you discount from an independently owned oil change company.

Jiffy Lube is owned by Pennzoil-Quaker State Oil.  Ashland/Valvoline owns Valvoline Instant Oil Change.  Castrol Oil Company owns Castrol Premium Lube Express.

Do you see a common denominator here?

Quick oil change companies seem to be owned by “Big Oil Companies”.  You may or may not care, but this is usually how it works out.Grease Monkey Coupon for Oil Change

For those of you looking for a corporate feel from an independently owned company, or just looking for a great quick oil change, Grease Monkey might be your option.

Grease Monkey International prides them for being “the only major quick lube concept that is not owned by a major oil company.”

Grease Monkey will perform your oil change and oil filter change to your manufacturer’s recommendations, and check other parts of your car to see if they need servicing as well.

You have four full service oil change options.  Conventional, Synthetic Blend, Synthetic Oil Change, High Mileage, and Eco-Power oil changes.  The Synthetic blend and Eco-Power are not common among other quick service companies, and worth explaining.

A synthetic motor oil change can be rather expensive.  Even with a synthetic oil change coupon, the price its much higher than a conventional change.  The synthetic blended option at Grease Monkey gives you a combination of regular and synthetic motor oil.  This will provide you with the benefits of a synthetic oil change while keeping the price down.  You will have improved engine protection for cold starts, with improved fuel efficiency.  This is a good choice for those of you watching your pennies, but still looking to have the best oil change you can afford.

If you are worried about your carbon footprint, the Eco-Power oil change is right up your alley.  The oil used in the Eco-Power service uses 85% less energy to produce than regular oil.  It is a synthetic blend with the purpose of conserving resources, and reducing our dependence on foreign oil.

An added benefit to Grease Monkey Full Service Oil Changes is that they will provide free services between oil changes.  If it has been less than 3,000 miles since you last went to Grease Monkey, they will top off your motor oil, power steering fluid, windshield washer fluid, battery fluid, transmission and transaxle fluid, and even check your tire air pressure.  These top-offs are free of charge to Grease Monkey customers and available Monday-Fridays between 9 and 5.

Finding Grease Monkey Oil Change Coupons

If you are looking for a Grease Monkey coupon, you are in luck.  Grease Monkey loves giving their loyal customers discount oil changes.  They advertise these coupons all over the internet in banner ads, their website, and in local newspaper.

You can even find some great discounts on Grease Monkey by checking your local Groupon pages.  Those are some of the deepest discounts I’ve come across.

For your local Grease Monkey deals, it is best to check out their actual website.  

  • Go to Grease Monkey’s shop locator (<-click that)
  • Search locations by your local zip code to find oil changes near you
  • Under the listings you’ll find a link that says “Website”
  • Visit the local website, or the 2 or 3 closest to you
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and look for all of the different coupons available.  Some actually might not have any listed
  • Each location will have a different deal most likely, so shop around for the biggest Grease Monkey coupon in your area