Goodyear Synthetic Oil Change Coupon – Exp 1/13/13

Goodyear Synthetic Oil Change Coupon

Now here’s great savings on your next synthetic oil change! We all know that synthetic oil is much more expensive than conventional oil, so this $10 discount is something we are all waiting for. Getting a free 4-tire rotation makes it even more fantastic!

Why Choose Synthetic Oil Over Conventional Oil?

We all know that synthetics cost more than conventional oil. But despite this fact, more of us prefer this mainly because synthetic oil is more reliable when it comes to longevity and ability to handle extreme high temperatures without breaking down. You can probably last between oil changes for 10,000, 15,000, on up to 20,000 miles with some brands of synthetic oil,  depending on where you drive (dusty, dirty climates), and how much and far you drive.

Synthetics Are More Environment-Friendly

Mother nature may be loving synthetics over conventional oil, too. Although synthetics are also made up of chemicals that may harm the environment, they can last as much as three times longer than conventional oil, which translates to dumping less than 15 to 24 quarts of oil per year. Synthetics can be said to be cleaner because they are derived in a laboratory rather than nature. They are also meaner, because of their lower volatility, so they do not vaporize out the exhaust as quickly.

Synthetic oils also produce less resistance in the engine. Given this, they offer more horsepower and overall efficiency for the engine. What does this mean for you? A bit less cost, because the additional horsepower allows the engine to perform at the same level as before, but using slightly less gas.

Just a Few Days Left

This coupon expires January 13, 2013, so print this now and be sure to keep it handy and present this on your next oil change. You gotta love this discount. What a great way to welcome the new year, huh?!

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