Goodyear Oil Change Coupon – August 2012

This website is a growing mass.  I cannot always go back to delete old posts as I just ad new deals as they come up.  If the deal below has expired, I apologize, but if you CLICK HERE you will find the current list of Goodyear oil change coupons.

Usually the only way to find a Goodyear coupon would be to look back to each individual Goodyear location by zip code to find individual coupons, but this August, there are two nationally run coupons for an oil change at Goodyear locations.

All coupons below expire on August 31, 2012.

Goodyear Oil Change Coupon #1

I’m not quite sure why they split this coupon on here into two but you can use the coupon below to get a standard oil chnge for just $19.89 OR you can use this deal to get $10 off of any premium oil change which also comes with a FREE 4 tire rotation.

The premium oil changes are good for fully or synthetic blend motor oil.

Both options use Valvoline motor oil.

Goodyear oil change coupon - August 2012

Goodyear Oil Change Coupon #2

Now, your other option is for the “Summer Car Care Package”.  I’m not going to have a typo on the site here like they have on the coupon below.

This deal gets you a few services for $34.95:

  • Standard oil change
  • Oil filter change
  • Tire rotation with tread and dept check and air pressure adjustment
  • Top off of fluids under the hood
  • A complete vehicle inspection, even checking the brakes
  • Examination of all belts and hoses – they will advise you on what may or may not need to be replaced

Goodyear Summer Car Car Package - August 2012

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