Goodyear $19.89 Standard Oil Change

Hello and welcome to the September special for Goodyear specials for October 2012.  If you came to this site after October 31st, you can find more Goodyear discounts by clicking on this company’s link on the left hand side of the page.

There are three different deals for this month, but I’m just going to cover the two attached to the coupon below.  The other deal will be added soon and can be found on the Goodyear part of the website.

Goodyear October Special

This special pricing is good until 10/31/2012.  You can choose between either of the two deals above with the printed copy.

Discount number one, the left hand side of the coupon, will get you a standard oil change for $19.89.  This service will use a conventional motor oil, but if you want to upgrade to diesel, high mileage, synthetic blend or full synthetic, you can do so for an extra charge at the time of purchase.

The terms say nothing about a filter, so you may want to call your local shop to see what they are offering along with this deal.  If you also want to get a tire rotation, consider the other discount.

The second deal on this voucher, the one on the right hand side, gets you $10.00 off the regular price of any premium oil change.  These include fully synthetic or synthetic blends.  The mechanic will drain your entire engine of oil and replace it with up to 5 quarts of fresh fluid.

Along with this deal you will get a free 4 tire rotation.  This is something you should try and get taken care of now, before winter hits and you need to deal with the issue of tires with uneven tred in snow.  That can get really dangerous.

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