Firestone Coupons – Oil Change – May 2012

Firestone keeps things simple with their coupon for oil changes.  Most oil change companies say $xx.xx for this oil change while another oil change is $xx.xx.  Sometimes this gets a little confusing and you aren’t particularly sure if you you are actually getting a good deal or how much you are saving.

The May Firestone coupon for an oil change simply gets you 25% off of ANY oil change and filter change.

You can use this as a synthetic oil change coupon as well.  Its nice to know right off the bat that yo are saving a quarter of the price of an oil change with this coupon.

Firestone oil change coupon - May 2012

This deal is good up until May 31.

The Firestone coupon gets you up to 5 quarts of oil and an oil filter replacement at 25% off of the normal price.

The featured oil changes are:

  • Standard oil change – Premium Kendall Synthetic Blend Motor Oil with Liquid Titanium
  • High Mileage Oil Change – Oil specifically meant for engines with more thatn 75,000 miles
  • Full synthetic oil change – Maximum protection for high performance engines

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